I'm happy to announce, NS Web Solutions is now Joinery.

NS Web Solutions began over 10 years ago as an effort to help non-profits and small businesses get the most from their online presence. In the beginning, services centered around web hosting and website creation, and the "Web Solutions" name reflected that focus.

In the past few years, however, my focus has shifted away from website creation and more toward a specialization in data migration, cleaning, integration and reporting. Naturally, this includes integration with online CRM and web-presence solutions, but it's less about building websites and more about maximizing the value of constituent and customer data.

To embrace this shift of focus, I'm leaving the "NS Web Solutions" name behind and launching a name that reflects what I offer: connection, integration, quality and cooperation.

  • In data geek lingo, a "join" is an operation to connect related collections of data into a single set of information: if you have a list of producers, a list of films and a list of actors, and you want a list of producers who've supported a film with Kevin Bacon, you'll need to join those three lists together.
  • In data integration, the task is essentially to "join" one system to another in a way that adds value and increases efficiency.
  • "Join" is also what my clients often hope their constituents will do: join, follow, support, sign up, team up and cooperate.
  • Finally, "joinery" itself is an art and a craft, requiring skill and attention to detail, resulting in strong and beautiful creations -- often uniquely customized and always highly functional.

Besides the name, there's little that's changing here at Joinery. It's still me, Allen Shaw, investing all I have into your success, bringing the very best data management solutions to address your challenges and leverage your opportunities.

I'm looking forward to continuing with you. Thank you for joining me.