Percentage Price Field

This extension allows you to add an "Additional Percentage" field to any price set, which will automatically calculate and add an additional amount to a transaction, as a configurable percentage of other selected price set options.  

  • Want to ask donors to give an extra 3% to cover credit card processing fees?
  • Or to give an additional 10% of their membership fee to support a special project?  

Then you're in the right place.

Because it's a price set field, this option will

  • appear as a line item in contribution records and receipts,
  • allow configuration of financial type, label, help text, and other standard price field options, and
  • work equally well for contributions, memberships, events -- anywhere you can use a price set.

Tested with contribution pages and events, with sales tax, and with the CiviDiscount extension. (For proper CiviDiscount support, this extension must be installed after CiviDiscount.)

For more information about this extension, see here