CiviCRM logoCiviCRM is a contact relationship management (CRM) system aimed specifically at the needs of non-profit and membership-driven organazations. Store and organize the critical and invaluable records of all of your interactions with constituents, vendors, members, donors, service recipients, and more. Manage and analyze historical information about all constituent interractions. With CiviCRM you can put your data to work for you, and maximize your mission.

CiviCRM is web-based, so authorized users access it from anywhere in the world. It's open source, so your technical team has access to modify it however you need. And because there are no license fees, you can add as many contacts or staff users as your workflow demands. It's the one CRM for non-profits that you own completely.

CiviCRM focuses specifically on serving non-profit and membership-driven organizations. In addition to storing and organizing personal data on your constituents, CiviCRM provides robust features for managing fundraisers and events, membership registration and renewal, receiving contributions, sending newsletter emails, and more. A diverse and flexible array of reports on all these activities are available right out of the box to help you analyze it all according to your needs. This allows CiviCRM to serve as a central hub for development and administration, tracking all your constituent interractions efficiently within a single system. 

Here at Joinery we support CiviCRM because it provides our clients with many helpful tools up front, without complex modifications. And when clients do need more than the initial system offers, CiviCRM's flexible extensibility allows us to make simple modifications that would be impossible on other systems. Because of this, we are able to offer our clients great value without sacrificing quick turnaround times and reasonable budgets.

Joinery is proud to be a CiviCRM Partner