Hosting with Joinery

Hosting with Joinery

Reliability. Simplicity. Peace of Mind.

Host your site with Joinery. We'll handle all the technical details while you focus on your mission.

Unbeatable hardware

Lightning-quick SSD storage, 40Gbps network connectivity, ample memory, and more.

Unmatched support

Never worry about backups or security updates again. Your CiviCRM, Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla software always gets the latest security updates, and daily backups are included. Guaranteed uptime. Responsive tech support. We make sure your site is running well. You focus on your mission.

Available Plans

Light Standard Premium
CPU Cores 1 1 4
High-Speed SSD Storage 15 GB 25 GB 90 GB
Memory 1 GB 2 GB 8 GB
Data Transfer 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
SSL certificate (for secure "https://" access)
File management via SFTP
SSH access, upon request
Backups: Daily (stored 7 days)
Backups: Weekly (stored 1 month)
Backups: Monthly (stored 1 year)
Backups: Real-time, offsite
Backups: Stored in separate data center
Backup restoration included
• One restoration per calendar year included; additional restorations at hourly rate.
• Two restoration per calendar year included; additional restorations at standard hourly rate.
• Unlimited restorations included.
99.9% uptime guarantee
High-availability fail over
Unlimited domains and subdomains
Unlimited MySQL databases
$54.45 $79.97 $189.98
Best value!

Service details


Our ticketing software is easy to use via web or email. You may never have an issue, but if you do, we guarantee a response to trouble tickets and support questions within 24 hours.

Guaranteed uptime

Your hosting plan benefits from our 99.9% uptime guarantee, monitored by a trusted third-party service with publicly available status pages. Never worry about flaky site outages again.


Every day, we perform a full backup of all databases and all website files, and we store those backups for one week on a physically separate server. This means we always have 7 complete backup copies of every site. For some plans, weekly and monthly backups are also taken, and stored for longer times (see features listed above).

Backup restoration

Backups have no value if they can't be restored. At your request, we'll restore any backup of your choice by replacing the site files and databases with the backed up data. For all plans, the first backup restoration is included in your hosting fee. For some plans, additional restorations are also included (see features listed above).

Domain Names

We can register your domain name for $12 per year with a new hosting account, and $15 a year for domain names purchased separately. Want to do all that yourself? No problem! We'll give you instructions for configuring your own domain name to point to your site.

SSL Certificates

We provide all our hosted sites with an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt to give your organization and your users the benefits of a secure web connection. We can't think of any reason you'd ever allow staff or users to submit a password on your site without this simple industry-standard protection.

File management

All accounts provide file management access through the highly secure SFTP protocol. You'll have access to upload or change files on your site as needed.

Server Technology

Say goodbye to insecure and slow-running shared hosting solutions. Your server will be shared with no-one and will be running best-in-class hardware including high-speed SSD storage to deliver your content rapidly, dedicated Intel E5 processor cores, and a network supporting 40Gbps of throughput with multiple levels of redundancy. This is hosting done right.

Unlimited sites, domains, and databases

Joinery's hosting solution allows you to host as many domains and sub-domains as you wish. This can be useful for creating a staged copy of your live site for testing new ideas, for directing users to special-purpose subdomains, and any number of other uses.

What's not included:

To deliver the very best in hosting, we focus on all of the above features. Our hosting plans do not include the following.

Custom Development

Is your site not running? That's a hosting issue, covered by our 99.9% uptime guarantee. We're all over it, and you'll be back in business, pronto.

Do you need a service specifically mentioned in your plan? That's a hosting issue, and it's included.

Do you need someone to create a new banner image, develop a custom CiviCRM feature, fix a bug, or analyze your donor data? Provide training, strategic consultation, or project management? We're happy to do any of that and much more, under our standard hourly rates for custom development.

Email hosting

Maintaining a properly managed email server, with protections against abuse and blacklisting, and with industry-standard configurations for deliverability, spam protection, and account management, is outside the scope of our services. We'll be glad to recommend a provider where you can get all you need and more, usually at no cost even for for-profit organizations.

Control panel

As a fully managed hosting solution, Joinery's hosting plans do not anticipate your daily involvement in performing tasks normally associated with a control panel. File management can be done via secure SFTP. For any other tasks you can't accomplish yourself, we ask you to create a support ticket and we'll be glad to help you ASAP.

What's included:

Reliability. Simplicity. Peace of Mind. Come host with us. You'll be glad you did.

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