In addition to our other services, we make a lot of people happy with custom CiviCRM extensions, built by us specifically for the customer's needs, and open-sourced to the community so others can benefit and collaborate. Here's a selection of some of our favorite custom-built extensions.


CiviCRM Activity iCalendar Feed

This extension allows users to get their CiviCRM assigned activities into their Google Calendar or similar calendaring applications, by providing a feed of each user's assigned activities in iCalendar format, ready to be subscribed to from within Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.

Joinery's More Summary Fields

This extension provides additional fields under the Summary Fields framework.

    Profile Conditionals

    The Profile Conditionals extension allows site administrators to configure in-page changes to fields and page elements in response to user actions.

    Event Participant Letter

    This extension allows for an email message to be sent automatically, in addition to the confirmation email, upon registration of a participant, using any existing message template. This behavior is configurable for each event, and is useful for sending lengthy or heavily formatted content beyond CiviCRM's standard receipt/confirmation message.

    Related Tokens

    This extension adds to CiviCRM’s list of tokens by creating new tokens that reference information from related contacts. For every existing contact token, such as display name or birth date, etc., the extension generates additional related field tokens for every enabled relationship type.


    This extension turns specific text fields into select fields with customizable options from a specified Option Group. The “(Custom value)” option allows free-form values when necessary.