In addition to our other services, we make a lot of people happy with custom CiviCRM extensions, built by us specifically for the customer's needs, and open-sourced to the community so others can benefit and collaborate. Here's a selection of some of our favorite custom-built extensions.


Email Double-Check

Email Double-Check allows administrators to add a second email address field in specific profiles. The extension confirms that the email addresses in both fields are the same, reducing the likelihood of mistakes in the entry.


CiviCRM natively responds to clicking an email address by opening an email activity within CiviCRM. This extension alters the email link to a standard "mailto:" link, so that the browser handles it in the more common fashion, by routing it to the user's default email reader. 

Map Pins

CiviCRM natively supports one of three different map markers based on the contact type (Individual, Household, Organization). The Map Pins Extension allows you to replace those markers with custom markers of your own, based on configurable sets of rules depending on contact sub-type, group, tag, or other criteria.

Relationship Job Title

CiviCRM displays a contact’s current employer and their job title in the Contact Summary Page; but in the Relationships tab, only the contact’s employer is listed while their job titles is not. This extension displays the contact’s job title with the current employer relationship.

Percentage Price Field

This extension allows you to add an "Additional Percentage" field to any price set, which will automatically calculate and add an additional amount to a transaction, as a configurable percentage of other selected price set options.

    Aggregate Household Contributions Report

    The Aggregated Household Contribution report offers a way to accurately report contribution records as household members as well as individuals.